Fast-paced sport of split-second strategy.

Soft pink and baby blue water ripples together in a subtle texture.

Skillybop is a unique sport that involved two teams driving their ball forward to an end zone at the same time. That’s right – there are two balls on the field at the same time. You play both offensive and defense simultaneously.

There are five players per team on the field. Both teams start in their respective end zones with one of their players holding their ball. At the beginning of point, the players without the ball can enter the field. The play with the ball passes the ball to another player on their team. Players cannot run with the ball – the ball only moves on the field by passes. Players can pass the ball in any direction on the field. When a player catches their ball in the opposing team’s end zone, they score a point. When a point is scored, both teams stop play and reset to their end zones to wait for the start of the next point.

If a pass is incomplete either due to a team’s own mistake or because it was blocked by the opposing team, the ball returns to the starting end zone. In complete passes reset that team’s position on the field, but doesn’t affect the opposing players ball position.